Porsche 964 RS, SOLD NOW !!!

Porsche 964 RS in ” grand prix ” white with only 40808 km and totally in orig. paint.

The car was sold new on 21.12.1992 by Porsche Italy to a leasing company. After the first Italian owner than the car was bought by a dealer and sold to the second italian owner.  This older gentleman, a real Porsche enthusiast, sold the car back to me back in 2014 with 39765 km.

During the years in italy the following services where done : 4.10.94 = 5000 km, 11.3.99 = 25508 km, 24.7.01 = 32500 km, 9.2.04 = 36018 km, 15.09.06 = 37808 km, 02.08.08 = 38344 km 

After i bought the car and had it transported to germany i had another service done ( at the Porsche Centre in Münster / germany )  on 28.08.2014 at  39805 KM.

In 2015 i sold the car to a german Porsche collector. In the ownership of this gentleman the car was only driven very minor – just a few kilometers to avoid problems from not using it at all.

Now that the gentleman bought a company abroad and does not live in germany any longer the car was bought back by me, had another service at the Porsche centre 40494 km and is now for sale again.

A folder with several invoices for services as well as old documentation from Italy , new service invoice from german etc. are with the car as well as service booklet other booklets, spare keys and key code card. 

We just had the car checked over by DEKRA valuation services and had the paint measured and checked by one of the leading expert from DEKRA. Their comment was : extremely nice example and all orig. paint, orig. panels,orig matching numbers engine & gearbox.

Top class car not only to be collected but to be driven and enjoyed which can be done without regret due to the medium milage.

PRICE : 249.964 Euro