PORSCHE 964 RS, ” GULF BLAU “, very special history – RESERVED !!!

Really nice original 964 RS in the legendary colour  “gulf blau” !

Even that the car has covered 95.500 km (58500 mls), it is in absolute  “super nice conditions” and looks more like a car with  30.000 km / 35.000 km.

When the car was brand new it was painted from “grand prix white” to  “gulf blau”, due to the special wish of a customer of the Porsche Center Munich. Absolutely perfect paint job they did!!! Engine bay, front compartment, wheel houses etc. everything is “gulf blau”!!! (a second 964 RS was painted in the same way from  “grand prix weiss” to “gulf orange” for the same customers special wish. We had bought both cars already back in the mid / late 90th and sold them in the days. It is invisible that the car was delivered  in grand prix white and even the paint structure is with the “light orange peel” as they had when painted in the factory during production.

We know this car for many many years and had sold it twice in the past.

From 1992 until 1996 the car was with the first owner – a Munich based real estate company owner, from 1997 until 2006, it was with the second owner in Straubing / Bavaria – again a guy from the real estate business.  2006 the car went into a Porsche collection in Ulm / Bavaria and stayed there until 2011.

In 2011 we bought the car again and sold it to a good customer who kept it more than 10 years before he now traded it in for a 993 RS.

17 services were done since the car was delivered new!!! All services are documented in the original service book. The last service was done in August 2021. New tires were mounted at the same time.

The car comes very very well documented with the old, as well as the new German registration title, original service booklet, all other books, key code card, spare keys, jack & tools etc. A ring binder shows and documents the history of the car with service invoices, other invoices, TÜV reports (MOT), contracts from the past, photos from the past. In the Porsche magazine PORSCHE SCENE LIVE from 08-2011 there is a  big article about this car and many pictures from these days. The magazine is included to the ring binder as well.

To make it very clear: this car was a beloved vehicle over all the years and is not a modified 964 but a real 964 RS. The car has never ever raced or even used on track for hobby driving. The car is free of any kind of accidents, matching numbers engine & gearbox as well as all “matching numbers panels”. The documentation of the vehicle history is wonderful and the car is a very special and unique car that was made / build / colour changed especially to the vision of a Porsche enthusiast to fulfill his dream.

With the car there are the original “fog light dummies”, the orig. red belts & red door pulls as well as the orig. rear carpet with red “CARRERA RS” stitching as delivered when new.  The buyer can choose between the original 4 spoke RS steering wheel with a long hub or a very special 3 spoke sport steering wheel in black and grey leather with RS printed into the horn cover. The original tripple grey seat cushions or a set of especially made grey “Alcantara” seat cushions are available. (please check the images of the interior)  

A car to be driven and to be enjoyed. A real eye catcher in fantastic conditions. A car that should not stay in the corner of a big collection but being driven to put a smile on the face of the owner, as well as on the face of the public when it passes by.  

It is a real 964 RS and will always be a real 964 RS, even that it had a professional colour change when it was brand new. (but nobody will see it anyway)