Porsche 991 R, individual paint colour “LAVA ORANGE”, 1 single owner, Porsche Aproved

Porsche 991 R in the super rare individual paint colour “LAVA ORANGE”

Most of the 991 built Porsche 991 R were manufactured in white or GT-silver oder in GT silver.

Later 3 individual colours were launched: racing yellow = 23 cars made, black = 66 cars made and lava orange = 12 cars made only. This of cause means that lava orange ist the rarest of the 3 individual paint colours.

Beside the regular paint cars and the individual paint cars a certain number were made in “paint to sample” colours.

Our car is one of the 10 left hand drive “lava orange” 991 R produced.  Apart from the “lava orange” paint the car has several special order interior options in orange corresponding to the exterior paint.

A vehicle in special condition, only one single owner from new and just 9250 km.

The car still has Porsche Approved Warrenty bis o1/2024 ! Two services were carried out at official Porsche dealers (10/2018 at 6362 km and 12/2020 at 8745 km) A fresh service will be done at an official Porsche Center in June 2023.

The spec. of this 991 R is as following :

082 – 90 L fuel cell, 454 – cruise control, 474 – front axle lift system, 573 – 2 zone climate control, 581 – net in passenger food room, 583 – smoker package, 619 – cell phone , 630 – light-design-package, 680 -Bose Sound System, CFK – floor matts with leather surrounding, CRS – black PORSCHE letters on the side, CRT – Interior-Pack stitching in individual colour “orange”, CXM – door cards in leather, CXW – dash board and panels in leather, DFS – car keys painted in body colour, CXX –  Individuel CT Options = middle part of the seats in orange alcantara, orange safety belts,  frames around interior air jets painted in orange, etc. etc., P 13- automatic inner and outer mirrors , P23 – PCM incl. Navigation, UN1 – Online services , XDG – wheels painted black, XEY – LED headlights incl.. PDLS, XJW – Sport Design door mirrors with carbon covers, XUB – washer jets painted in body colour.

You have the choice if you want the car with the black stripes and orange wheel rings or without.

Price : 399.991 Euro